3 Versatile Handbags You NEED To Try Now

At Bagsy, we believe the only way to really know if you will love using a designer bag is to try it out for a week or two.

Here, we highlight 3 bags from our collection which we have road tested and that we think are super versatile and user-friendly.

Gucci Soho Disco Bag

There is a reason that everyone is obsessed with this bag.  It is a complete joy to use on a daily basis and is bigger and more spacious in real life than one would expect.  The tassel zip makes the bag super easy to open and close.  The supple grained leather means that you don't scratch your possessions or struggle to get your hand in and out of the main compartment.  We love that it is a cross body bag to give us hands-free easy access.  It is extremely lightweight.  We have this bag in a punchy red colour which we thinks works particularly well on smaller bags.  It adds a fascinating pop of colour to an otherwise neutral outfit.

Available to rent here:


Celine Belt Bag

Although this has garnered a reasonable amount of publicity and is popular among those in the know, we still think this bag is somewhat an unsung hero in the handbag world, relative to say the Celine luggage tote.  It works with a plethora of outfits from ripped jeans and a blazer to office wear.  In fact, apart from cocktail and black tie, we haven't really found anything this bag doesn't go with!  It is extremely spacious (definitely big enough to fit in a second pair of shoes) and it can also be carried on your arm or over the shoulder, should you need to be hands-free.  Finally, we would like to take a moment to appreciate the beautiful construction and craftmanship of this bag.  The way the supple leather has been folded and stitched is truly something to behold.

Available to rent here:


Louis Vuitton Twist

Perhaps because of its relatively high price point, this bag has not been featured as much as the Neverfull.  It is a real hidden gem.  It could definitely pass as a bag for cocktail evenings but also as a small bag with a casual outfit for day time.  We are totally in love with the LV opening and closing mechanism, it is so satisfying to use and very inventive.  We also love the solid structure of this bag.  It feels strong and durable and is unlikely to lose its shape.  The epi leather is resistant to staining and scratching.  It has a cross body strap which is ideal for dancing on a night out.  

Available to rent here:


Borrow these styles and we guarantee you won't be disappointed.  All of our bags are carefully researched and considered before we purchase them and there are plenty more styles to see so do check out the rest of our collection!

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