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Hello world! 

We are delighted to have finally launched our UK based designer bag rental company.  Thank you for clicking through and taking a look.

With the birth of social media, whether our profiles are public or private, all our fashion choices are forever preserved online for others to see.  We have all felt the pressure to buy new items to avoid looking the same at every social event.  Designer bags have captured our interest and become more desirable and popular, despite our budgets remaining the same.  Design houses have capitalised on this by increasing their prices exponentially.  Chanel have had multiple price increases this year alone and Louis Vuitton have also sharply increased their prices over the last few years.  The average designer bag has become more expensive and brands are bringing out too many gorgeous new styles to keep up with.  This is where bagsy can help.  

We offer you the chance to rent designer luxury handbags for a minimum of two weeks at a time for a small fraction of the retail cost.  This means that you can try out several styles a year without any commitment to purchase.

So what makes us stand out?  We are all killer, no filler!  We didn't want to provide a large catalogue of tired designer handbags, most of which are now out of style just to pad out our website.  We believe in quality over quantity and we would like to grow our collection with you in mind.  We want our handbag acquisition to be interactive and would welcome your suggestions for new bags, so please drop us a line via our Contact Us page.  

We only want to offer on-trend handbags in great condition and we are acquiring new styles all the time.  To be first to find out when we get new styles in, sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our home page.

Finally, we really hope you enjoy using our service and we are thrilled that we are able to bring you designer handbag joy!

The bagsy team.

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