About Us

The sharing economy is changing the way we enjoy luxury.  Fashion now moves faster than ever, while social media puts us under pressure to constantly refresh our look.  That's why we started Borrow from Bagsy.  By creating and maintaining a collection of only the most desirable bags in the world each and every season, we offer you the chance to wear four, six, or even twelve of the most on-trend bags every year, rather than just one or two. 

Just as Airbnb enables you to experience living in a warehouse apartment in Brooklyn without actually buying one, or Netflix allows you to stream movies and TV without owning them, Bagsy offers you the experience of wearing Chanel, Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton in one season, without buying any of them! 

We designed this process to be as simple as possible: there are no membership or sign-up fees, no subscription is required and shipping and collection are included in the price. 

Renting bags allows you to save more of your money yet also enjoy more luxury in your life.  Just as it wouldn’t make sense to buy an apartment in Paris if you only spend a month a year there, why spend a few thousand pounds on a new handbag if, in reality, you think you will only wear it for a few months before consigning it to the back of your wardrobe?  Don’t worry: if you really fall for a bag you are borrowing, you can always buy it new or ask us for a “keep it” price.

Whether you’re a blogger, you want to try before you buy a certain bag or just love experimenting with different looks and like to change up your style, Bagsy enables you to transform your outfit and make your wardrobe go further. 

The way we experience luxury is changing.  What do you think?  Try us out and let us know!